Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All good times but the best news is....


We are excited to announce we are having a baby girl! She will be here around November 12th and Jacob and I couldn't be happier.We have waited a long time for her to come and would love her to be here now but I guess we can wait until November. And maybe it will be a good thing she isn't here now because we still have no idea what we are going to name her. Here are a few of the fun pregnancy pictures so far as I get bigger and bigger.

This is 10 weeks

This is 16 weeks

Here at almost 20 weeks

And finally just yesterday at almost 22 weeks

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Motorcycle Trip

So it took Jacob two years to talk me into it but he finally convinced me and we bought a motorcycle. It only took him another 6 months to get me to go on a road trip on the motorcycle :). We headed out with Jacob's parents and some of their friends to Bryce and Zions National Parks. This is the whole group before we headed out.

This was one of the most pretty road trips I have ever been on, we took back country road almost the whole way. Sorry I don't have any pictures, silly us came with a dead camera. Luckily we did bring the charger so we only missed the first day. The first night we stopped in Escalante and stayed, it's just a little town but has a little tribute to the pioneers who came through hole in the rock, which was a lot of my family, so that was neat to see.

Next we drove through Bryce Canyon National Park, it was a pretty chilly day and the higher we went the colder it got, but luckily this was about the only time the whole trip I was cold.

The lookouts were really breath taking and made me feel very grateful to be able to live in such a beautiful state.

The crew all geared up

The next day we headed over to Zions National Park, Jacob and I have both been there before but we both decided it was much better driving around on a motorcycle. It just seems like you could see everything so much better and neither of us really wanted to leave.

We decided to go on a little hike to an overlook.

Jacob just can help but do a little climbing along the way.

It was a really fun trip and now I am much more comfortable on the motorcycle, we can't wait to get the chance to go on another trip!
So it really hasn't been 6 months sense my last blog because we are just so boring there is nothing to blog's quite the opposite actually. We have been so busy with lots of fun things but I only have time to fill you in on a few. First is Jacob's trip to Alabama. He joined the Baja Team at Utah State and spent hours and hours and hours and more hours (but I'm not bitter about how much time it took at all....can't you tell :)) No but really, I am really proud at how hard he worked, and in my opinion the car would have never gotten finished if it weren't for Jacob and all his hours. After all their hard work they got to go over to Alabama and see how well their car was built.