Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer vacation!

If Jacob and I's summer jobs weren't fun enough we thought we should take a road trip before we
went back to Ephraim. We camped along the way and got
to use our camping gear for the first time.

We hiked up Angel's Landing in Zion's national park.

This is where we started, and way up at the very top of the landing ahead was where we were headed.
We even got to see a rock slide, we kind of missed it with the camera
but you can see the dust that was left over from it.

This is maybe half of the way up, it was a beautiful view the whole way.

This was all Jacob's idea.

This hike has a lot of switchbacks, and for some reason we ran up them. (I'm sure that was Jacob's idea as well)
We made it just fine...... our lunch on the other hand didn't fair so well

We were on top of the world. The rest of the vacation our camera battery died so no more picture. But we spent a night in Las Vegas and we also went and saw the Hoover Dam. It was a really fun trip and a good break before we headed back to school and work.
My Summer Job!

I loved teaching kids to swim, it was the best job ever. Probably because it didn't ever feel like work.

It was alway rewarding the first time they jumped into the deep end.

It was really fun being able to work with Caleb all summer. He was a great swim teacher and the kids all love him. It is something that probably won't ever get to happen again but I'm so happy that we got to spend time at work together!
If teaching little kids wasn't enough I got to teach water aerobics! I used to think water aerobics was just for people with bad joints but I was wrong. That was probably the best shape I have ever been in. It was so much fun to work out with the ladies and push them to get stronger and stronger. I hope I will have the chance to do something like this again. And thanks to all my ladies who stood by even when I made them tread water when they thought they couldn't do anything else!!

I planned a fun date on the one year anniversary of when Jacob and I met.
It included a few of my favorite dating memories.

First it was in the same place we had our first date. It brought back memories of how 'missionary like' Jacob was that night and how far away he kept the whole time.

I made a huge cookie with Ice cream on it.
(The same thing we did the second or third
time we ever spent time together)

It did look like a heart, be I didn't
think to get a picture before we started to eat it.

And we can't forget the countless number of sunsets we watched together.
So most of you have probably given up hope of another post ever popping up on this blog but here I will prove you all wrong. But you should probably not hold your breath for the next one, so ENJOY!

Over the summer I got to go on one of Jacob's river trips. We went down Desolation Canyon and it was amazing, not only the canyon but getting to see my Honey at work! Man he is a tough man!

Whipped cream eating contest, I could have won but his mouth is bigger!

Jacob working hard to feed all of us!

It was a once in a lifetime fun time!