Wednesday, January 5, 2011


January 2nd was our anniversary and I can hardly believe Jacob and I have already been married for 2 years. They have been the very best two years anyone could wish for, Jacob is an amazing husband and a great anniversary planner! This year we took a trip to Bear Lake and stayed for a night and went snowmobiling the next day.

I drove for a little while but didn't like it very much because I didn't feel like I had much control, which was true. Jacob probably liked it better when he was driving so we both knew someone had control! We went for a while and then stopped to have a little picnic up on top which was a lot of fun.

I guess we should admit, we did get stuck once but it only stopped us for a little while. I wish I had be able to record what Jacob said after we got out because he said it was because of my plan that we got it unstuck! And I guess if I am being totally honest, it was probably my fault that we got stuck in the first place but that's beside the point.
This was just a cave we saw as we were driving there. All in all we had a great time except for now my arms and back are pretty sore from hold on so tightly the whole time, but it was a great anniversary and we look forward to many many more.