Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have found that I don't really do much typing on the blog so I thought for a little bit of a change I could a tad bit more typing and a little bit more narrative on how are lives are going.
Life is so good for Jacob and I, we have been so blessed and continue to be blessed. Right now both of us have the opportunity to be going to school full time and working towards a degree. I will hopeful have my Bachelors degree by next year and Jacob will have his Masters in 3 years. We currently both have employment opportunities as well, I get to work from home and Jacob is working for the school. Also we have the great blessing of managing apartments while we attend school. This can be stressful at times but really has been such a blessing to us. All I can say is life is good!
This year I turned 22 years old, wow does that seem old or is it just me. I have surpassed all of those ages that I waited so long to get to. Like turning 8 and being able to get baptized, then 12 when you were finally a big kid and could go to young womens, or 13 when you officially become a teenager, or even better 16 when dating could begin, then 18 when you can sort of call yourself an adult, and then 21...wait what could I do at 21? Never mind, it just seems like I had been looking to all of those time frames that it is kind of strange to now have another life changing age come along until maybe 40 I guess. It is so exciting to think what could happen in then next 18 years. I really have no idea where we will be but I am excited to see where life will take us.
My friend Felicia made me this cake for my birthday, isn't it beautiful, just looking at it you would have thought it was a really expensive cake we bought from a store!
Thanks Felicia!
Jacob bought me a computer chair for my birthday, it is really nice because I was just using a hard kitchen chair. After sitting on one of those for 5 hours then sitting on the same uncomfortable chairs at the school for another 3 hours I was not a happy camper!
My new chair is wonderful, I might even like it more if we took it out of the box:)

We had several couples over (I tried to get a group picture but it never happened) and we all ate cake and ice cream and played games, it was a great birthday even if it was a boring age like 22!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great Birthday! It does feel like we're getting old and now there are no big "milestone" birthdays for quite a while. Makes me look back at all those birthdays we celebrated together and when you always went sledding on the mts. :) I hope I can see you guys soon and I'm glad everything is going well for you two! Love you guys!

  2. You guys are so cute! It sounds like you're having a blast and lost in bliss. Yay to another year on your grand adventure! And comfy computer chairs =)