Sunday, September 18, 2011

Really there are other things going on in our life than just my growing belly but we are really bad at taking pictures of those other things. Two weeks ago we got to go to Moab for the Holyoak reunion. I was so nice spending time with family and spending time on the mountains. I miss that place and all those people! It was a really good weekend other than our car broke down and we ended up having to tow it back to Salt Lake so we could get it fixed. I think Caleb posted some pictures of that trip on Facebook if you would like to see that adventure. Other than that we have jut been trying to stay on top of work , school, and the apartments and get ready for our little girl to come. Here are some pictures of the belly and pictures from our ultrasound at 31 weeks.

30 Weeks

31 Weeks, yes that is her hand and her big toe on her forehead:)

32 Weeks and a few days! We are getting closer!

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