Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun Projects!

Here is our new rust bucket! We bought it a while ago for really cheap and Jacob has had a good time trying to fix it up a little bit. It runs great and passes inspection, it's nice to just have a beater truck to use for odd jobs. It's makes me laugh because we have gone on a couple of motorcycle rides and my sister-in-law was wondering if all the vibrating made me feel like I was going to go into labor but the truth is...the motorcycle is a very luxurious ride compared to the truck!

We aren't sure how long we are going to keep it but it is fun for now. It would be a great project for Jacob if he had an extra time to spend on it! Now that is Jacob's kind of fun project and here is what I think is a fun project. I guess just the difference between men and women!

Here is the start of blocks to hang in the baby's room. Eventually they will have the baby's name in block letters, once we decide on a name, that is! I'm very excited about the baby's room I think it is going to be very cute. My mom and I went and bought fabric and she is making me a whole matching set of things for the room, I can't wait! I am also sanding down an old rocking chair we got from a friend but I haven't made much progress on it yet. Hopefully the baby doesn't come for a little while longer so I can finish all the fun ideas I have.

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