Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blessing Evie

We blessed Evie on January 1st in Sandy. It was a really neat experience and made me appreciate having the gospel in our lives even more than I could imagine! It was amazing to hear the beautiful blessings Heavenly Father has in store for our little Evie. We can already see a little of her personality but things said in the blessing let us see it even more and realize the incredible potential she has. I'm so grateful Jacob is a worthy priesthood holder and was able to give her a name and a blessing. I am also so grateful for all the great men who stood in the circle, it is so reassuring to know Evie has so many wonderful examples of what good men are so she can make a wise decision when she has to choose a husband to take care of her. I am especially grateful for all her grandpas and papas who would already do anything for Evie! It was pretty amazing to look around and see all of the people surrounding her and know that will always have people to look to and rely on. Thank you so much for everyone who came and for everyone who she gets to look up to!

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