Saturday, January 28, 2012


Just some cute pictures of Evie because I like to show her off!

Evie loves to watch and listen to Jacob sing and play his guitar! She will just sit and intently listen and she gets excited and will start kicking her legs.

Here is Evie with the flowers Jacob bought me for my birthday!

We like to go on walks so we went to visit Dad at the school! I love her little snow out fit her Aunt Alysha and Renee bought for her. Her arms don't quite fill it out so it kinds of looks like I am just carrying around a doll :)

She loves her Daddy!

So we have found that Evie loves her room! She is always so happy when we go in there! Thanks to my mom and all her hard work sewing everything and helping me pick out the fabric! It is so worth it to see how much she loves all the bright colors.

So about two weeks ago I was letting Evie have some belly time and unexpectedly she rolled over! I thought it was a fluke but later that day she did it again but then when Jacob came home she wouldn't do it any more so I thought it was a fluke twice. Today she proved she could do it again. I put her down and she was there for about two seconds and then she rolled over. I kept putting her on her belly and she rolled over 5 or 6 times so we finally got it on video!

Well to make a long post short....we love our little girl!


  1. Evie is so cute in the snow suite you can't even see her face, it looks like your just carrying around a snow suite :) I love all the sweet pictures, especially the one with Evie smiling with your flowers.

  2. For some reason my kindle wouldn't pull up the video's so I just saw them on my laptop. I love Evie smiling at her name blocks! And congrats Evie on rolling over, one step closer to crawling! So sweet!