Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Time

Spring Time!
I love spring time, it's such a great change from winter, every thing just seems happier and brighter! We are still really busy with school and work but things are going well for us. Jacob just joined an Ultimate Frisbee team so it has been fun for Evie and I to go and sit in the sun and watch him play. Other than that no a whole lot different is going on with us. Evie is just growing and growing...well at least developing...she is still pretty small :) She is starting to sit up on her own which is really fun and we are trying to see what kind of food she likes, which you'll get to see the results of later on.

Lately she has started to want to eat her toes...she has been interested into her toes for quite some time but only recently has she wanted to eat them:)

I love her face, it almost says "Oh, you caught me."

This is one of my new favorite pictures, Jacob was playing his guitar behind her and she craned her neck for a long time just trying to see him. She loves her daddy!!

There is a really fun park we found in Logan by the temple and she got to swing for the first time. The video of that is at the bottom.

Cute in her daddy's hat

Easter Time!

For Easter we went to Salt Lake to spend time with Jacob's Family.

Evie got a new dress for Easter and I made her a new bow, I love this dress it reminds me of some of the dresses my mom used to make for us growing up for Easter. So Evie got a new dress and headband...while Jacob....well he got a little more of an extreme Easter gift.....

A new motorcycle....Happy Easter to Jacob, yes, he is a little spoiled :)

And here are the videos...she is just so cute!

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  1. Those are some great pics. I love the first Easter pic of Evie, that is the sweetest smile!