Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Time

So I know I say this every time but...I am a lame blogger! So to make up for it I'll just post a lot of pictures and videos all at once! Most of them are of Evie so you can see her development and I'll just tell you whats been going on with Jacob and I. We had a great summer, and as always it went way too fast! Jacob had an internship in Salt Lake at L3 Communications, it was a really good opportunity and he had a great time. It was a little trying because we wanted to keep our job as apartment managers so he just commuted back a forth. The summer was also pretty busy for me because I was taking my last semester of school. I was able to do it all online so I could juggle the apartments, school, and being a mom, which is the most important. I'm glad to say that after a long road I finally finished and now have my bachelors degree. Jacob will finish with school this December and then we will decide what to do from there. We are hoping to get a job that will help pay for his masters degree, but we will see what happens.

She thought she was being so sneaky, eventually I had to move her collection of bows :)

Evie loves her swing, it was a great plus that we got it for two bucks at a year sale :)

The new drinking game :)

We got to spend a weekend in Moab and had a great time! Evie learned that she really liked Pepsi :)

Evie crawling for the first time

Evie didn't want to give up the corn

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  1. Great pictures. Thanks for finally updating :) The video of Evie crawling in the water is pretty cute. I was a little confused by the picture with her arm poking out of the crib until you explained she was getting her bows a few pics later. What a clever little girl. it was great seeing you over the summer. Keep the blog updated so I can still see pics of Evie.