Sunday, October 7, 2012

Craftiness :)

 Being a mom/graduating/PINTEREST has been a very good thing for my craftiness! I say the other two because they created the time but really pinterest is really where all the inspiration comes from! I am not a crafty person....I don't really see something lame and say, "Hey I bet I could make that cute!" Although I can't do it, I am certainly grateful for those people who can, the people who created pinterest, and most of all the people who post all their crafty ideas. My relationship with pinterest started out rough....I spent too much time but never tried anything. Finally I decided I needed to get brave and just try some of the stuff....I'm not sure that was a good thing or not:) Because now I am going craft crazy and loving it! I still don't have the craft gene but there is still hope for me (and for anyone who feels the way I do). All you have to be able to do is read, follow instructions and get going! Evie's room was a great place for me to start and not to brag...but I don't think the pictures do it justice. I took a pretty ugly room in our house and now it is a cute little girl room. Now, it's not magazine worthy or anything but it's great for us! 
 I found the interesting frames at DI for $2 then from pinterest I found the idea to take toilet paper rolls to make a design. I decided on the design painted them and glued them all together but for a full tutorial go check out my pinterest account:) The temple picture was my first attempt at trying something on pinterest so if I had it to do again I would change a few things but I thought it was good enough and really wanted a temple picture hanging in Evie's room. I actually mostly came up with the Evie letters and bow hanger on my own and bought the stuff from Hobby Lobby. My wonder full mother made the changing pad, curtain, bumper pads, and butterfly blanket. She is the best! 

 Here is just another side view, the butterfly came from wood connections so all I had to do was paint it.
 All in all I have had a great time doing all these projects and will try to post more as I go!

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  1. Evie's room is so cute! I really wish Paisley had her own room. There are so many things I'd like to do with it.