Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween

So for about a month I have been asking Jacob if he wanted to dress up as a family for Halloween. He never seem too interested but I figured I should still make Evie a costume because after all it would be her first Halloween. Eventually I decided I was going to have her be Minnie Mouse, I already had the perfect little skirt and shirt I found at DI so all I had to do was make her some ears and a bow, I thought I had gotten off pretty easy. But then Jacob got an invite to a Halloween party from a friend at school and of course it was a costume party. So we started brainstorming costume ideas, mine we pretty simple costumes but Jacob....well he got his mind set on Monsters Inc. So on the Tuesday before Halloween I found these pictures online and began the construction on the costumes.

So in two days I made three costumes, by the end Jacob wasn't so sure about dressing up....but I told him it was all his idea and he had better dress up...I won that battle:)and doesn't he look so happy about it. His face was supposed to be Mike's eye and we did have pillows stuffed in the costume so he was round but he didn't last long with them. I kind ran out of time so my hair is only half finished. You can kind of see on the other picture that I made a few snakes but the other ones are just pieces of felt...but I figured it was good enough for me:) Then came our cute little boo! Her costume was my favorite, I should have taken a picture of it before we put it on her because after we put it on her we had to make several adjustments so she could have a happy Halloween. The fins on her hands were closed off but we though she would be better off having use of her hands. I also had wire around the top of her outfit and in the hood so that it held a more round shape but she wasn't really a fan of that either. But she still looked pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! 


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