Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big changes...Lots of updates

              So there have probably been longer periods of times between my blogs but I think that this time has consisted of the biggest and most changes in our lives. I thought about trying to do multiple entries so it wasn't quite so overwhelming but let's face it... that probably won't happen. So now we will have one entry will a million pictures and a brief explanation of the changes that have taken place.  
              First, Jacob graduated from Utah State University and we moved away from Logan! Although we miss Logan and our Logan friends, it was a relief to finally be done being apartment managers. Even now I still have a hard time leaving my house because in the back of my mind I still have this thought that I need to stay home in case one of the students needs something or so I didn't miss an important call or something. I'm slowly coming out of it and enjoying it immensely! You can see pictures later of our graduation trip to San Francisco! 
             Next Jacob got a job and Rio Tinto as a mechanical engineer. Jacob started work on the 7th of January and has really enjoyed it so far. He likes all the people he works with and is really enjoying the projects he has gotten to work on thus far.  We also bought a house in Riverton. We started house hunting back in October and put a couple of offers in but nothing really worked out. We were both getting a little worried when part way through January we found a house, put in an offer, and we closed on it on the 7th of February. It was amazing to see how the Lord guided us to this area, we both really feel like we are meant to be here. We love the area and we love our ward.
           Moving right along, we are expecting our second baby! We are having another little girl who should be arriving around April 10th. This pregnancy has been going really fast and really smoothly. I think Evie is going to be a great big sister, she is already a big helper as you will see in some of the pictures below. The two girls will be about 17 months apart so I really hope they will always be good friends as they grow up. 
          I also put some Christmas pictures in and.... I just realized that I still haven't blogged about Evie's first birthday so that may have to come later....or you may just want to call me or e-mail me because that may be the only way you will ear about it or see pictures :) 
          So quick overview, life is wonderful! Jacob and I have been married for four years and couldn't be happier. Evie is the joy of our lives and makes everyday an adventure. We feel incredibly blessed and can't believe how wonderful our life is turning out. 
Evie and Miles (a friend from Logan)

San Francisco Trip (Graduation/Anniversary Trip)

China Town

 Christmas Time! 
So much snow in Moab! 

Christmas Morning

Can't you just see how excited she was...haha

 Temporary Housing 
Before we got into the house, Rio Tinto put us up for a month in an apartment, it was a really nice place and fully furnished so we could keep all of our stuff in storage until we were ready to move into our house. 

We didn't have her car seat so this was her first ride in a forward facing seat, she loved it. Too bad the law just changed so she has to wait till she is two to do it all the time :(

Evie giving daddy kisses through the glass coffee table :)

Evie chilln in her chair and my lovely growing belly :)
So grown up and ready for school

Get every last crumb
 Warm weekend in Moab and out for a hike

 Our living room with our new furniture:)

Mommy's little helper


  1. I'm a little hurt your trip to Washington didn't make the post :) I actually just did a new post today (I smashed 5 months into one post!)